Stand Out From The Crowd
STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD with innovative business solutions from Dyaus. Our consultants have a wealth of experience in helping companies of all sizes get the most out of their business systems.
Focus On Quality
Our experience in business and software development means that we bring the knowledge necessary to build quality in to our solutions from the beginning. Optimal design and professional development standards make our solutions easy to use and easy to maintain.
Drive The Bottom Line
DRIVE THE BOTTOM LINE with superior business metrics and KPIs delivered through ajax-based web-portals. The power of your business system is limited only by your ability to see and understand the data it holds.
Focus On Success
Take control of your business by using the information stored in your systems to hunt down waste and identify business trends before it's too late. Bring the power of your database together with the usability of ajax to drive your business forward.
Improve Efficiency
IMPROVE EFFICIENCY and drive out waste using innovative handheld solutions; they tie to your existing business systems but don't tie your people to a desk.
Mobile Solutions
In today's hectic business environment, your people need access to all kinds of information - in all kinds of places; at remote sites, in airports, in hotels or at customer facilities.

Leverage your investment in smartphone technology or handheld devices; bring the depth of your business systems to the hands of your users. Allow your people to go where the work is with our point-of-use solutions, that bring the power of mobile business to your hand.
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AJAX is the technology that brings the functionality of desktop applications to the web. Combined with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and standards-driven development, it is Web 2.0.

Dyaus specializes in using this technology to expose the power of back-end systems.

Using AJAX capabilities your legacy applications can be revitalized.

Key Performance Indicators
  • Data Mining - Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at all levels of your business; procurement, operations, finance, quality assurance and we'll mine the data to support them from existing back-end systems.

  • Web Portals - We'll publish the KPIs on your intranet using dynamic ajax-based portals which access your back-end databases and present the information in real-time. No more wasted effort in compiling metrics and monthly reports manually; one version of the truth for the whole business.

  • Re-skinning - We'll improve productivity and data acuracy by providing your users with a modern, web 2.0 interface that provides the same functionality as the old screens but in a more compelling and intuitive package. Combine data entry and graphical reporting features on the same screen to improve efficiency.

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ORACLE is the market leader in enterprise databases. As well as supplying most of the databases for the world's largest companies, they also provide the development tools to create sophisticated applications based on those databases. Many companies have taken advantage of their Rapid Application Development (RAD) capabilities to write specialized in-house applications.

Dyaus provides support services for Oracle-based ERP systems and for in-house developed bespoke systems.

Custom Development
  • Custom Development - We'll analyze your business requirements, design a solution, develop and implement it, in a seamless turnkey project. We're experienced at bespoke development whether it is additional functionality that's required for an existing system or a completely new application.

  • Oracle Web Forms - Get all of the benefits of web-based applications without having to replace or re-write your existing systems. If you're still using client-server applications, we can migrate your applications to Oracle Web Forms and the Oracle Application Server for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

  • Forms Migration - The next step in Oracle application development. Use our technology to migrate from Oracle Forms to a zero-footprint Web 2.0 solution. We can remove the business logic from your Forms and re-package it in the database, providing an API to integrate to a Service-Oriented Architecture or to a Web 2.0 user interface; using ajax to communicate with the database.

  • Mobile Solutions - Using the power of Web 2.0 we can easily port desktop functionality to a handheld device. Expose the power of your database through mobile devices and access data anywhere in the world.

Dyaus provides technical staffing services for software engineering or information technology projects. We manage a pool of experienced software professionals that are thoroughly vetted before being made available for client projects. We bring a wealth of industry experience as hiring managers to the process of identifying candidates and screening them for suitability.

Dyaus provides a specialized screening process that tailors candidates to individual customer needs.

Contract Software Developers
  • Personal Vetting - We interview all candidates for a variety of personal qualities and interpersonal skills before presenting them to a client.

  • Professional Vetting - We have in-house experts on all of the technologies and applications we support. They set a high bar for technical knowledge for all candidates.

  • Resume Verification - We carefully verify the statements and events that the candidates include in their resumes.

  • Background Checks - We perform detailed background checks on all candidates.
Contact us by e-mail providing details of the skills you require and the engagement dates.
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